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How Wind Farm Repowering is Poised for Growth

Replacing older turbines with contemporary advanced technology (repowering) has becoming increasingly cost effective, as a way of replacing existing turbines with new, more efficient ones at the project site. But is the industry ready to capitalise on this opportunity? What are the main factors driving the market? Are there any barriers impeding its take up? If so, what can be done to accelerate the repowering investment?

Download the report for free here.

The Business Case for Wind Farm Lifetime Extension

With the ageing fleet, an increasing number of wind farm operators face a dilemma which end-of-life strategy to pursuit. Can life-extension be the optimal option? What are the pros and cons? What is the market opportunity for life extension programs? What approaches can be taken to assess the suitability of wind farm for life extension?

Download the report for free here.

Interview with Ursula Smolka from Ramboll

Energy IQ spoke exclusively to Ursula Smolka from Ramboll, to discuss the latest developments in windfarm lifetime management.

Senvion and Enercon: Extended Lifecycle for Wind Turbines

Extended Lifecycle for Wind Turbines: Read how Senvion and Enercon have achieved this in this exclusive report written by Energy IQ. Download here.

Interview with Udo Schneider from Green Giraffe

Mr. Schneider, Head of Green Giraffe, talks about "Wind farm lifecycle from a dept perspective" including current challenges of the wind industry, the reasons for investing in old wind farms and the main challenges when it comes to asset lifetime assessment.

Interview on the legal aspects of wind farm lifecycle management

Dr. Christoph Riese, Lawyer | Certified Specialist for Administrative Law at GÖRG Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten mbB in Berlin gave Energy IQ an exclusive interview regarding the legal aspects of wind farm lifecycle management. Download the full interview for free here.